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Surgery class test >>

Surgery class test >>

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Surgery class test Q/A Ing. Scrotal Harnia

Inguinal Scrotal Hernia:-

Q.1- Why Standing Position Is Require In Scrotal Swelling?A. To Note The Full Extent Of Hernia and To Inspect Direct Hernia And Varicocele.

Q.2- Why Can Not We Examine the Pt. In Lying Position? A. To Inspect Direct Hernia And Varicocele.  

Q.3- What to Inspect In The Scrotal Swelling?

A. Shape, Location, Unilateral, Bilateral.

Q.4- What Is the Shape of Indirect Hernia?-A.Pyriform.

Q.5 - What Is The Shape Of Direct Hernia?-A. Globular

Q.6- What Is the Location of Direct Hernia?

A. Middle Half Of Inguinal Ligament Not Entering In Scrotum.

Q.7- How the Size of Hernia Is Measured?

A. By The Coughing Reflex When It Is Fully Distended.

Q.8- What should be inspected In the Skin over lying the Hernia?

A. Redness and Edema Scar of Surgery, Discolouration.

Q.9- What Is the Type of Skin in the Strangulated Hernia?

A. Red, edematous And Shiny Skin.

Q.10- What Does The Surgical Scar Indicate In The Hernia?

A. It Indicates p-revious operation done at that point

Q.11- What Is the Enterocele?- It Is The Hernia Containing Bowel Loops.

Q.12- Which Are the Hernia with No Expensive Impulse?

A. Omentocele With Adhesion, Obstructed Hernia, Strangulated Hernia.

Q.14- What Is the Consistency of Enterocele?- Soft and Elastic.

Q.15-What Is The Consistency Of Omentococele?- Firm and Doughty.

Q.16- What Is the Consistency of Strangulated Hernia?- Tense and Tender.

Q.17- What Is the Consistency of Varicocele?- Bag of Worms like Consistency.

Q.18- How to Perform Ziemannís Technique?

A. Keep The Index Finger On Internal Ring, Middle Finger On External Ring, And Ring Finger On Femoral Ring. Ask The Patient To Stop The Breathing When The Impulse Comes The Hernia Is Diagnosed.

Q.19-Result of Ziemannís Technique Can Be Accessed In Which Way?

A. If The Impulse Comes At The Internal Ring-Indirect Hernia. If The Impulse Comes At The External Ring-Direct Hernia. If The Impulse Comes At Femoral Ring-Femoral Hernia.

Q.20- What Is the Technique for Palpating Hernia Impulse?

A. Ziemannís Technique.

Q.21- What Is the Test for Reducibility Of The Hernia?

A. Patient Is Asked To Lie Down, On Lying Down-Direct Hernia Is Reduced; Indirect Hernia Is Not Reduced On Its Own. Congenital Hydrocele Is Not Reduced Even Manually.

Q.22- How The Internal Ring Occlusion Test Performed?

A. First Locate The Inguinal Canal By Pressing 1 Finger On Iliac Crest & Other On Pubic Symphysis & Then At Mid Inguinal Point Occlude The Deep Inguinal Ring.

Q.23- How To Know Whether The Hernia Is Direct Or Indirect?

A. The Patient Is Told To Cough, When The Ring Is Occluded, The Indirect Hernia Do Not Bulge But If The Occlusion Is Released It Bulges On Coughing.

Q.24- What Are the Feature of Direct Hernia?

A. Even After Occlusion Of Deep Inguinal Ring If Bulging Occurs In Direct Hernia.

Q.25- What Is the Contraindication of Investigation Test?A. It Is Not Used In The Case Of Small External Ring And In Child.

Q.26-Why Palpation of Scrotal Swelling Should Be Done?

A. To Know The Consistency For Reducibility Test, Test For Cough Impulse, Internal Ring Occlusion Test, Imagination Test.

Q.27-How The Percussion Is Done?

A. Ask The Patient To Cough And Look For Distension Of Swelling, Now Percussion Is Done Gently, A Regiment Node Indicates Presence Of Intestine. (Enterocele)

Q.28- Why the Auscultation Is Done?

A. Peristalsis Can Be Heard In Case Of Enterocele Otherwise No Value In Inguinal-Scrotal Swelling.

Q.29- Which Are the Causes of Hernia?

A. Atonicity of the Abdominal Wall Muscle, Scar, Ascitis, Urethral Stricture.

Q.30- Why The Invagination Test Of Inguinal Hernia Is Done?

A. To Know, Size Of Superficial Inguinal Ring, Direction Of Hernial Tract, Direction Of Expansile Impulse,Sphincteric Strength Of Conjoint Tendon.

Q.31-Which Are the Types of Hernia?

A. Indirect Hernia, Direct Hernia, Femoral Hernia.

Q.32- How To Measure The Hernia By The Help Of Finger?

A. Index Finger-Internal Ring-Indirect Hernia.

    Middle Ring -External Ring-Direct Hernia.

    Ring Finger-Femoral Ring-Femoral Hernia.

Q.33-Which Technique Use For Inguinal Hernia?

A. Ziemannís Technique.


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